What is Casperaki, and how does it work?

Casperaki is an AI-powered music production sidekick with a lineup of four unique producer profiles ready to craft tunes in eight genres. It's here to help with everything from the vibe to the vocals, making sure your tracks are top-notch. Share the spotlight with Casperaki, as the free version lets you both hold onto copyright.

Plus, there's a shot at Eurovision 2024 for the early birds!


Is Casperaki suitable for beginners in music production?

Absolutely! No experience? No problem. All you need is a love for music.


What are the differences between a free and paid account?

Casperaki offers two account options to suit your music production needs.

With a free account, you can generate up to five 30-second clips per day, which you can share on any social media platform. If any of your clips go viral, our team will help you turn it into a full-length song for free, and you'll get songwriting and production credits and receive 10% of the streaming revenues generated by the song.

Upgrade to a paid account and gain access to up to ten 30-second clips and up to five full-length songs per day. With a paid account, you’ll receive 100% of the streaming revenues generated by the song, giving you complete creative control and the ability to monetize your music on your terms.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your music career to the next level, Casperaki has a plan that works for you.


How do I get access to Casperaki?

Simply visit and sign in with your Google account to get the party started.


New to the game and looking for a walkthrough?

Our Casperaki chatbot is your friendly guide. If you have a question, just ask Casperaki as you go along.


What music genres can Casperaki handle?

We've got a rich palette including ballad, bright pop, dance, Latin, organic vibes, rock, schlager, and urban. We plan to add more genres in the future in response to user demand.


Can I collaborate with Casperaki?

You bet! Download your audio gems and pass them around. We’re even bringing in stem and MIDI file sharing soon.


What's needed to run Casperaki?

Just a browser and a creative spark.


Found a glitch in Casperaki?

Let us know in #bug-reports or drop a line to, and we'll get it squashed.


Who owns the music I create with Casperaki?

You and Casperaki co-own the copyright. This is necessary because we do certain things in the song creation process to ensure that the songs are copyright-eligible (many courts take the view that generative AI-created works are not, and we do things to try and ensure this doesn’t happen). But don’t fret - we will not interfere with your ability to share the songs.


Can I sell the music I make with Casperaki?

Yes, you can. Just drop us a note at so we can help you make sure the copyright is properly registered.


Got feedback?

We’re all ears! Tell us about it at


How can I submit my song for the “Una Voce per San Marino” contest?

Submit as many entries as you wish. We'll select ten finalists for San Marino RTV to choose from for the “Una Voce per San Marino” finals


Are there specific requirements for the Eurovision submission?

Entries must be under three minutes and unpublished before September 1, 2023. If your song is longer or shorter than three minutes, don’t worry. Any timing issues can be addressed in our early 2024 songwriting camp.


How often is Casperaki updated?

Pretty much constantly, so check back often.


How does the credit-based system work?

It’s simple: buy credits, use them to unlock features or create songs. It's a flexible way to pay for what you use, perfect for everyone from hobbyists to studio junkies.


What are the benefits of subscribing to Casperaki?

Subscribers get the VIP treatment: unlimited access to all features, exclusive content, and priority support. It’s the best way to elevate your music production game.

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