What exactly is Casperaki?

3 August 2023

Whether you've been following us for a while or you're brand new to our page, you may be wondering, what exactly is Casperaki?


The simple answer is: an innovative platform that merges human creativity and AI to allow anyone, no matter their experience level, to produce professional sounding songs.

Have you ever wanted to express your feelings in a song but didn't quite know how to compose? Do you love the idea of writing your own music but fear you just don't have the knowledge?

Casperaki is here to help with all of that!

You will be able to bring to life your very own music creations through our AI-powered chatbot, and you will be able to maintain complete creative control throughout the entire process.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Our chatbot will be available soon for you to start generating your very own music. 🎶

In the meantime, make sure you listen to the released songs in our Soundcloud created with the Casperaki chatbot 🎧  https://soundcloud.com/casperakimusic

And you can start imagining what it'll be like to create your very own songs! 🎵

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