The Rising Tide - Sarah Main feat Karla

6 July 2023

We are pleased to announce our very first partnership, The Rising Tide. The project was born from its vision to transform the current music industry model, harnessing the power of co-creation and collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence.

The Rising Tide cover art

Our platform aims to be a revolutionary force, providing artists, musicians, and content creators with the tools to unleash their creativity, skills, and passion. Through our innovative chatbot interface for music creation, we empower users to collaborate seamlessly and break free from traditional constraints. By tapping into the collective genius of our community and working with forward-thinking talented artists like Sarah Main, Casperaki aims to become the go-to platform for groundbreaking music and unparalleled artistic expression.

Today, Karla is the world's first fully developed virtual singer, bringing her unique blend of soulful energy and sensibility to every track produced on Casperaki. Her goal is simple: to spread joy and positivity through the power of music, and to bring a smile to as many people's lives as possible.

Whether you're creating pop hits, dancefloor anthems, or soulful ballads, Karla's powerful vocals add a new dimension of depth and emotion to every track.

About the artist: Sarah Main is an accomplished Australian DJ and producer who has made a name for herself in the Ibiza scene. Sarah has spent the majority of her years in Ibiza, where she has manned the Pacha main room DJ booth alongside the world's best DJs. Sarah has toured worldwide with the Pacha brand, playing at major festivals and the world's top clubs. While she is primarily a house DJ, she draws on a wide range of musical styles, including disco, Latin, electronica, funk, tech house, and tribal. In 2006 she won the coveted Best Ibiza DJ award, and was cited by Frankie Knuckles at the ceremony as his favorite female DJ. Both Pete Tong and Erick Morillo cited Sarah as their favorite warm-up DJ. Sarah has recently been exploring the exciting world of Web3 and is a passionate advocate for the space. In addition to releasing her music and art on-chain, Sarah enables and educates her peers to understand the benefits Web3 offers for independent musicians and labels.

‘The Rising Tide’ represents a groundbreaking partnership between Casperaki and Sarah Main, showcasing a captivating compilation of exclusive NFTs that beautifully exemplify the profound potential of collaboration between humans and AI. Casperaki introduces its pioneering chatbot interface for music creation, while Sarah takes her artistic prowess to new heights, crafting extraordinary visuals and artwork for this exceptional debut—a venture unlike any other.

Tokentraxx is a pioneering platform for music in Web3, connecting artists and fans to create the sound of a decentralised future. Tokentraxx believes that NFTs and Web3 are the key to shaping the future of music, adding more value and possibilities to the industry.

There are only 15 - limited edition - NFTs available (the FIRST of its kind), and token holders will get exclusive benefits in future collections. In addition, NFT holders will automatically join our prize draw and will have a chance to get access to one of our exclusive upcoming writing camps, in the fall, alongside top music industry producers and songwriters.

Make sure to secure yours at: or by scanning the QR code below.

The Rising Tide cover art
The Rising Tide

Sarah Main feat Karla

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