Sorry - Out Now.

16 August 2023

Listen to our brand new song: Sorry. Available on Casperaki's Soundcloud.


Sorry revolves around the theme of remorse and self-reflection. In the verses, the lyrics express a heartfelt apology, acknowledging their mistakes without reservation. They admit to wronging someone and genuinely feel sorry for their actions. The pre-chorus emphasizes the sincerity of their apology, underlining their commitment to owning up to their faults.

Then, the chorus delves into specific instances of wrongdoing. The speaker acknowledges instances where they were dishonest instead of truthful, lacked strength in difficult moments, and failed to provide the other person with the respect and love they deserved. The chorus also highlights the regret of not having expressed their feelings openly and admitting their errors earlier.

In the second verse, the speaker maintains their remorseful tone, expressing that their apology is not just lip service, but a true desire to mend things. They reveal a willingness to be vulnerable, even shedding tears to prove their sincerity. 

The song's bridge adds a layer of reflection as the speaker acknowledges that they cannot change the past but reaffirms their apology. The chorus once again drives home the idea that the other person is deeply important to them. The lyrics paint a picture of personal growth, as the speaker takes responsibility for their actions and desires to make amends, ultimately declaring the other person as 'the one'. 

Listen to it here or head over to our Soundcloud 🎧

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