Casperaki at ADE

26 October 2023

We have just returned from our very first Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), and what an experience it was.

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Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the most upfront, influential and educational gathering for electronic music and its industry. With its conference, festival and educational breeding ground, ADE is able to create not only the biggest yearly industry tent-pole moment, but also a solid foundation for future generations of electronic music professionals. The event attracts a total of more than 1,000 events in nearly 200 locations across its multidisciplinary program; for five days and nights, the city of Amsterdam truly breathes electronic music.

We had a Casperaki booth throughout the conference at the ADE Lab, which was teeming with young and upcoming talents. The traction and interest we garnered on the platform were mind-blowing. It was truly amazing to witness the next generation's strong interest in learning and using emerging technologies and generative AI in their music creation and daily activities.

On the very first day, Wednesday, the 18th, both our founder, Mathias Strasser, and our Head of Business Development, Mariana Brandao Carr, were part of a panel entitled 'Everything You Wanted to Know about AI (But Were Afraid to Ask).' This session explored the relevance of AI in the music industry and how it has, and will continue to, impact the industry's future. It also delved into the state-of-the-art developments surrounding the financial and ethical implications, while examining the threats and glimmers of opportunities that generative AI presents for small labels and independent artists.

On Friday, the 20th, Casperaki hosted a workshop at the Lab with an incredible panel that included multidisciplinary artist Sarah Main, Tokentraxx's Project Manager, Jes Surendorff, and Aokiverse's Managing Director, Shannon Herber. The conversation was controversial yet inspiring, as it represented different perspectives on generative AI in the music industry. These discussions are not linear, and it was great to explore diverse viewpoints.

We couldn't be more grateful for all of your support and are looking forward to next year's edition.

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